The Hee Haw Show

In 1984 Sam Lovullo, producer of The Hee Haw Show invited Bill Baker to Nashville to see how the show was produced. As Sam & Bill walked across the Grand Ol' Opry stage on Sunday morning, Bill sat down on the grand piano and played a song he had written called, " She Served The Papers " Sam loved the song and told Bill, " I'm going to have you perform this song on Hee Haw this Tuesday. " After that performance, Bill Baker was hired to write special material for the Hee Haw Show  and was signed to an exclusive songwriiters contract with Acuff Rose/Opryland Music. Here is Bill Baker singing his song as it was performed live on Hee Haw and aired February,1985. Special Thanks to Sam Lovullo for all he has done for Bill and others as well.